MIM Glasses

Prescription glasses

Didinsky reading glasses are the solution!

Eye Fatigue? small letters? blurred letters?
Glasses without arms. A unique design without rods and very small. They are excellent for reading the newspaper, the restaurant menu or labels of supermarket products.

Losing the glasses never again will be a problem

They fit in the wallet, to your keychain, in the pocket of a shirt or in a small bag. You will always carry them with you and help you to see at close range anytime of the day. They can become an important part of your daily life. You have found your best friend in those moments when you need to see something up close.

Lightweight and compact glasses

Didinsky fashion magnifying glass for reading are so light and comfortable that you can use them for long periods of time without almost realizing that you are wearing them.

Great comfort

Readers with adhesive!
Sticks to your phone! It includes an adhesive to join them to your mobile, to place them in the dashboard of the car, in your desk …

You can also find the Didinsky MIM reading glasses online on our website

Discover all our models!

Productos exclusivos. Diseños espectaculares, ideados para proporcionar unas gafas de alta calidad para cada cada forma de la cara.

Packed with technology

Skid-proof and hypoallergenic elastomer mount. Its bridge allows exceptional adhesion without pressure. Comfortable and unisex. It’s innovative, economical and very transportable.

Choose your favorite!

Great variety of colors and graduations. Its elegant design will turn them into a complement in your personal look.