LOUVRE Glasses

Prescription glasses for men and women

Do you know our vintage frameless glasses?

New design in reading glasses without rods. They are innovative, economical and very transportable. You will always carry them with you. You have found your best friend in those moments when you need to see something up close.

Keep your glasses always at hand to read the newspaper, the restaurant menu or prices of supermarket products.

You will not forget your reading glasses!

We speak of prescription glasses of very small size With Pocket Hard Case.
They fit in the wallet, in the pocket of a shirt or in a small bag. They do not take up space.

Great comfort

Readers with adhesive!
Stick to your phone or any other hard flat surface such as your tablet, car dashboard , in your desk …

You can also find the Didinsky LOUVRE retro glasses on our website

Discover all our models!

Exclusive products Spectacular designs, designed to provide high quality glasses for every face shape.

Technology and innovation

Its bridge allows exceptional adhesion without pressure. They will adapt perfectly to your nose. Comfortable and unisex.

Choose your favorite!

Great variety of colors and graduations. Its elegant design will turn them into a complement in your personal look.